Why Choose SRJ Financial Services?

  • If your business is local, I (Steve Jones) will take the time to visit your business to learn about what you do and who you are
  • We are here to build relationships and do repeat business – We're not sitting in our offices “dialing for dollars”
  • SRJ Financial Services does not collect fees upfront - we are in the business of getting deals done, NOT collecting checks
  • We don’t hide early termination clauses in documents or mislead you about your end of lease obligation
  • We have a strong understanding of financial statements
  • If you get a proposal or documents from another leasing company, we can look them over to make sure you are getting the deal you agreed to for no extra charge

Pictured below are just a few of the machines that SRJ Financial Services has financed:

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Life is full of surprises. Rely on SRJ Financial Services to provide you with sound financial advice that won't leave you scratching your head. We'll explain your options in uncomplicated terms.

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